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About Design & Interfaces / Hobbyist Richard Isaacs20/Male/United States Groups :iconinsane-h0use: Insane-H0use
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VIOLINIST MIKU. by sincere1y

WWWHHHOOOOOOOHHHHOOOOOOO, I LOVE VOCALOID X3 Well I gotta say this really came out well. The lighting, shading, color, everything came ...

.:TBP's Friend:. by AsktheGirls

Awwwww I love it *hugs it* Now then, upon looking at it, I thought it was rather adorable for a plushy drawing. The few things I really...

.:Mr. Sassy:. by AsktheGirls

Most people when they hear the word sassy, they imminently think of a girl or a cat, coming from the term "sassy cat". But now lemme as...

.:Ryn:. by AsktheGirls

Hmmm I gotta say, I really do like this. Even though at first I thought to myself "why no detail in the feet?" but however, I did keep ...


LloydTheDragon's Profile Picture
Richard Isaacs
Artist | Hobbyist | Design & Interfaces
United States
Real Name: Richard
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birthday: July 12
Death: "hopefully not anytime soon"
Height: 6'4
Weight: 165 lbs
Status: Taken by :icondreadinaghostflowerz: (Elizabeth)

Hello Everyone, my name is Richard Isaacs, though some prefer to call me by my username, you may call me by whichever you feel comfortable with. I'm a young artist who enjoys trying new things. Everyday I'm always trying to make new friends and meet new people all around the world. Everyday my art skills seems to improve more and more as time goes by. My gallery doesn't necessarily have any specific themes going on, though it seems like my artwork consists of cartoons, doodles, manga, and anime. And of course an actually real life picture every now and then. As far as what I post, you may have already noticed that I mostly post deviations involving myself and my girlfriend Elizabeth. I do love her dearly and am highly devoted and loyal to her, so please no flirty comments, I'm taken. The deviations I post will always be random, you never know what I'll post next, so if you enjoy a surprise every posting, then this is the account for you. I should go ahead and say I don't post very often, mostly a deviation every week if I'm lucky. But I do post up to ten deviation a month unless issues arise. But besides all that, I hope you all enjoy my artwork, and if you have any questions do feel free to ask and I'll answer right away, if I'm on that is. :meow:

Having trouble getting a hold of me here? That's okay, you can send me an email at for requests, commissions, or if you just need to talk to me. :aww:

My friends and lovers

My Kickass friend :iconajsoren:

My Kinky and Murdering friend(s) :icondreadinaghostflowerz: (kinda three in one here...and counting)

My funny hilarious friend(s) :iconcorathewolf: (yeah we'll include her brother as well)

Mah Bestest Buddy Eveah!!! :iconnativeartcreep: (seriously he needs more views, so go look at his stuff, NOW!!!)

My best friends :iconxxoc-rainbowxx::iconcoolgirl951::icongeminithewolf::iconnightstalkerpony::iconreshirom::iconaskthegirls: (Admin) hmmmm I'll put more when I can think of more

My Lover(s) (actually Lloyd and Darrich's lovers)
:iconaskthegirls: (Purity and Jessie)

My Lover: :icondreadinaghostflowerz: (Elizabeth) :icondragonshy2plz: My Little Snow Kitten~~~:heart::heart::heart: I love her so much~ >////w////<


Some icons I like to use

The Dragon Bros Silvvy and Eddy


Dragon Bros belong to :iconj-c:



Random icons I like using



*SIIIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH* ................................. Well as only a few of you know, my laptop has just about had it, it's already crashed on me 4 times to the point I'm about to throw it out the window.... I'm already working on saving up some money to get a newer one, but that's going to take awhile seeing as I only get paid roughly $100+ a week, and the a big chunk of that is already gone by the time I get it, but I've already found one laptop that I may try to get for a temporary use, but I'll only be using it for socializing and rebloging stuff on tumblr, I won't be posting anything of my own until then. But I will be stopping by the computer lab at the college to return any message you guys may have sent me, but as of now, this may be the last time you'll hear from me for awhile, but I'm hoping to get a newer laptop real soon, at best hopfully before valentine's day, I'm really hopng and praying for that, but until then, everybody be safe and I'll see you all again as soon as I can.

P.S. I love you Elizabeth, you're the greatest person I have ever come to know in my whole life and I love you very much, I love you so much.... you're the bestest girlfriend I've ever had, I love you~~~:heart::heart::heart:  
  • Mood: Anguish
  • Reading: What I just typed
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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The Raths by LloydTheDragon
The Raths
Warning: this deviantion contains particle Nudity, if you are sensitive to this type of content, then do NOT view the picture, you have been warned.  

I just love how this came out, we're dragons together~~~!!!! >/////w/////< :heart::heart::heart: 

I actually got the idea from a post I reblogged on tumblr, and if you follow me on tumblr then you already know what it is, I wish I could link you all to the artist that gave me idea, but I unfortunately can't seeing how dA is for some reason against links to tumblr in public, which brings me to the reason why I decided to mature this out, I know there's nothing bad showing or even being hinted at or anything like that, but because dA is so picky with its rules, I just decided to be safe rather than sorry >.>, but to go ahead and explain anything, I actually did post this on tumblr earlier as a sketch, but I ended up liking the picture enough to color it, so I did, and I'm actually really glad I did, it looks so wonderful, but basically me and my dearly beloved Kitten are Rathalos and Rathian from the Monster Hunter series, me being Rathalos, and her being my female mate Rathian~, I just love how this came out, I hope you all enjoy :dummy: 

(c) of artwork- myself

(c) of Rathalos and Rathian and anything Monster Hunter related- Capcom 
Colletta Poster by LloydTheDragon
Colletta Poster
That's the very first gun, I've ever drawn..... I'm so proud of myself T^T  *manly tears*

This was actually a lot of fun to do, especially since I finally had an excuse to use the blending tool, it works just like I had hoped :meow: and very well too, but anywho, this is just a poster I made for Colletta, today is her 19th birthday and honestly I didn't know what else to make her, I mean I have picture of her and Judith but that'll be posted on tumblr later today, because I don't something like "that" is allowed on dA, but all in all, I really like how thiscame out, enjoy and Happy Birthday Colletta! :dummy: 

(c) of artwork- myself

Birthday gift for Colletta :icondreadinaghostflowerz: 
Wedding Preparations by LloydTheDragon
Wedding Preparations
Wow..... it has been forever since the last time I posted a drawing .-. 

But anyway, I hope you head the big news, Dreadina and Network are getting married today :dummy: finally at last, the two lovers can finally completely become one with each other >////w////< it's so exciting, basically what's happening here, I'm trying to help Network get ready, we already tried so many outfits all the way up to this one, and I guess he finally got tired of it when I told him I was gonna make him look fantastic, and completely denied me of my help and decided to go with his own idea :c which was probably better than mine anyway, but anyway, don't miss the wedding, everyone is invited :dummy: 

(c) of artwork- myself

(c) of Network- myself and :icondreadinaghostflowerz: 

See the wedding and Network's final choice here -->…

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